Ultralieve – Luxury Physio Therapist Gadget

Here`s a gadget likely to put a few physio therapists out of business – developed by Ultralieve it`s the first home gadget to use ultrasound technology for therapeutic pain relief.

Perfect for sprains and pains the device will speed up the recovery process by sending a very high frequency massage that penetrates deep below the surface of the skin to assist in the healing process by increasing blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

`The Ultralieve© delivers 1 million vibrations per second (1MHz) pulsed ultrasound waves with varying intensity levels deep into damaged tissues and has been scientifically and medically proven device to treat a range of medical conditions`.


`The ultrasound waves tend to travel through tissue with high water or low protein content, and to bounce off cartilage and bone. They are absorbed primarily by connective tissue: ligaments, tendons, and fascia. The thermal effect involves energy absorbed from the sound waves heating the tissue. When tissue is heated to 40 to 45 °C (104 to 113 °F), it can enter a state of hyperaemia (increased blood flow), which speeds healing and reduces chronic inflammation`.

According to Ultralieve effects will be seen within 3 weeks.

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