Exclusive News: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – The value of movie memorabilia revealed

Make no bones about it, the market for movie memorabilia and merchandise is here to stay. With Hollywood still churning out film, after film (even in the midst of a huge economic downturn), there is a huge wealth of film related items which could, or could not, hold significant value. It`s a market of real flux, fun and nostalgia to boot. We have got an exclusive piece on this exciting news from London’s oldest active pawnbrokers, Suttons & Robertsons.

One particular brand of films which will always hold its value is Walt Disney. So how lucky are we to have this stunning Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie poster in our vault? This has got to be one of one of the favourite pieces in the vault amongst Suttons & Robertsons staff – we simply cannot stop looking at it!


Snow White is world renowned for not only being a children`s, Disney classic, but it is also one of the first films to experience the touch of Technicolor technology. Invented in 1916, Technicolor offered cinema goers the chance to live out their fantasies in colour. Snow White would go on to be one of the most re-released films of all time – making the posters highly collectable.
This piece was sold at auction for £2,800 in 1996 and is now believed to have a value of approximately £3,000.

Did you know? – Movie posters with linen backing usually fetch more at auction.

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