Best Beauty & Skincare products – Autumn 2021

Autumn has arrived bringing with it cold and bitter weather to challenge your skin!  The departure of Summer often means dryness, cracked skin and a struggle to keep skin supple. Plus, the stresses and strains of day-to-day life on top of that, sometimes leading to further skin blemishes. What if there was a blend of products that could solve all of your Autumn and Winter woes for you? Good news – we’ve found some of the best high-end, natural skincare products out there. 

Olverum Bath Oil (£36.50, for 125ml)

Ideal for those busy October and November evenings, perhaps after a bonfire or trick-or-treating, Olverum’s bath oil offers a wonderful combination of soothing the mind and body. 

This multi-award winning, unique and luxurious aromatic blend of carefully selected essential oils which combine to ease stress and relax tension in both mind and body. This non-greasy formula of carefully selected natural ingredients is highly concentrated, so only a few drops is enough to send you into a relaxing, dream-like state. Plus, after a generous soak, skin feels silky and rejuvenated.

To get optimum results, run a warm bath to about 37˚ C. Once at your preferred depth, add 5ml (approximately half a capful) of Olverum Bath Oil. Before you immerse yourself, agitate the water with your hand to disperse the oil. Find out more here.

Olverum Bath Salts (£30, 200g)

For something a little different, Olverum bath salts are derived from Kalahari Desert and Dead Sea. These areas, renowned for their salt content, are among the most fertile sources of the natural minerals. But that’s not all, trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium, are essential for the maintenance of healthy skin, nails, and hair. This really is an example of nature packing in a wealth of skin boosting ingredients that you simply cannot replicate with a synthetic product.

Bath Salts - 7.1 oz– Olverum Official Store

These minerals work in harmony with the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes to help regulate cell repair, aid skin barrier function, restore levels of fatty acids in the epidermis, and boost collagen and keratin levels. A silken-feel mineral soak created to revitalise skin, relax the mind and aid restful sleep.

Again, Olverum have a further trick, as the crystals are further enriched with avocado oil, abundant in micronutrients, producing a solution to soothe the body and restore serenity to the spirit.

Gently swirl a capful of crystals into a warm bath for a few seconds until they are completely dissolved. For best results, soak for 20 minutes two hours before going to sleep.

We suggest a combination of oil and salts (used in different soaks) for the optimum skin rejuvenation! Find out more here.

Scrub-up from Angela Langford (£27.50, 100ml)

Following a long soak, it’s time to carefully scrub away those impurities and begin restoring your skin back to its glowy best.  

Apply to damp skin using gentle circular movements. It can be applied to your face, neck & décolleté but avoid using around your eyes. Rinse off thoroughly & follow with your natural toner. This exfoliator can be used once or twice a week. Do not use this product if you feel you may be allergic to any of the ingredients.

This fruit smoothie of papaya, bilberry, lemon & orange is sprinkled with jojoba grains to help remove dead skin whilst helping to renew healthy new skin cells. This fruit smoothie of papaya & fruit acids (also known as alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs) from bilberry, maple, lemon & orange help speed up the renewal of healthy new skin cells. 

Jojoba peeling beads are totally spherical, allowing a “scrubbing” effect that is very gentle – but the combination of these beads with the fruit acids & extracts make this an effective face peeling exfoliator without damaging your skin.

Jojoba oil mimics the sebum of the skin, helping to balance as well as unclogging pores & lifting away dirt & grime. Cypress helps clean & tighten pores whilst neroli is calming. Finally, rose petals can help rid the skin of impurities.

This stunning blend is both wonderful on the skin and the nose, yielding beautiful, natural aromas. As with any Angela Langford products, there’s a sublime level of care and detail in each set of ingredients. Each element there to benefit, enhance and produce the very best end product. 

If you’re looking for radiance and glow, then this scrub is the ideal start this season. Find out more here.

Thirsty Work from Angela Langford (£37.50, 50ml)

Lastly, our pick of the bunch! As mentioned, cold weather is a huge issue for those with dry skin. The bitter winds and weather eat away at our natural moisture levels, leaving us unprotected from the elements. But that’s where Thirsty Work from Angela Langford can step in, the ultra-hydrating anti-ageing moisturiser is full or hydration and high-end natural ingredients. 

So, what’s in it? Rosehip, raspberry & chia seed protect your skin from future damage. Vitamins A & C are blended with Q10 & arctic blackcurrants to repel wrinkles, whilst hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated.

Rosehips & raspberries are mixed with chia seeds & argan which are all high in skin loving omega 3 & 6 – together they improve elasticity & protect your skin from future damage.

Vitamins A & C are added with antioxidants Q10 & arctic blackcurrant to repel wrinkles & improve the appearance of fine lines. A dash of hyaluronic acid is added to hydrate your skin – it enables it to hold in moisture, plumping up skin to give it volume & fullness & in turn making it soft & smooth.

A carefully selected blend of beautiful smelling essential oils finishes off this recipe, helping to fight the ageing process & improve your skin’s tone. Mandarin is toning & lifting; frankincense, neroli, sandalwood, black pepper & carrot seed rejuvenate; rosewood heals, whilst palmarosa improves skin tone & appearance.

For us, this ultra hydrating moisturiser beautifully walks the tightrope between hydration and sensitivity. The skin is injected with moisture at each application but it is gentle enough so as not to shock and disturb the skin. For us, this is a must-have for anyone who suffers with skin troubles in Autumn and Winter. Find out more here.

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