The Most Expensive Tipi in the World

Our friends at Iconic Gifts have spotted what might well be the most expensive Tipi on the planet.


Perfect for one very big camping trip, this baby is so spacious you could probably park a car inside!

Offered for sale by the Stunning Tents Company (who seem to offer a variety of amazing Tipi variations) this imposing structure could be yours for ($54,000) (£27,000).

Stunning Tents say

“At 15m in diameter this tent really lives up to its Super Giant name. With room for 144 people seated at tables, the possibilities are virtually limitless. A kata of this size clearly attracts a great deal of attention making it a natural choice for marketing purposes, as a landmark at a visitor attraction or as an events venue.

To ensure maximum storm strength, the canvas is sewn in one piece with two doors built in. The ventilator cap is easily adjusted from the ground. The flame resistant tent canvas is made of a strong cotton/synthetic fibre mix, which ensures maximum durability while allowing sunlight to come through. To finish it off, poles at the top give the kata the right appearance.`

Also includes:

1 x Super Giant Tentipi complete FR
1 x Removable door
36 x Collapsible bench
18 x Collapsible table
1 x Bamse Max
2 x Bamse fold-up table
1 x Muurikka 100
1 x Muurikka 58
2 x Muurikka lid
1 x Protective bag 100
1 x Protective bag 58
1 x Propane 100
1 x Propane 58
3 x Grill spatula 45 cm
2 x Coffee pot 8 litre
2 x Coffee pot 3.5 litre
1 x Wood-splitting axe
48 x Paraffin lamp
18 x Lamp holder

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