Benares Restaurant Review in Mayfair, London

Benares restaurant will catch your eye, as it`s right next door to the impressive Bentley car showroom on Mayfair`s famous Berkeley Square. Upon arrival the entrance of the restaurant appeared grand yet it had a warm and inviting feeling, the orange candles on the stairs certainly added to this sensation. By this point we knew exactly where to head because our noses literally followed the delicious foodie smells that wafted from upstairs.


After waiting a few minutes we were given the food menus to browse, which looked divine, however shortly afterwards our waiter explained we would be sampling the premier grazing menu. It looked very appealing so we weren`t complaining and I was really looking forward to tasting a little of everything.

Our menu consisted of thirteen different dishes within six courses including coffee and petite fours with a fine selection of wines chosen carefully to compliment the flavours of each course.

There was an unusual fusion of dishes with my favourites being the curry leaf and tarragon infused lobster rillet, mustard flavoured monkfish tails with tamarind sauce, English corn fed chicken supreme with a ginger flavoured sauce and roasted rump of lamb on rosemary chickpeas.

I have to say these dishes I much enjoyed more than the others and whilst grazing away I noticed a stream of other stunning dishes that were being served to other tables next to us, so unfortunately I did find myself with food envy throughout the evening.

However, as the grazing menu literally gave us a taster of the chef`s culinary talents it has made me intrigued to come back and try my own choices of dishes from the menu, as I thoroughly enjoyed what Benares had to offer.

Our corner table had great views of the restaurant and it certainly proves popular with an older clientele, businessmen and young couples.



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