The Most Comfortable Sun Loungers in the World

When on holiday I do tend to really value a comfortable sun lounger and if your lucky enough to own your own luxury holiday home there should be no skimping on buying the very best money can buy. We took a look at what we thought was “Probably the most Comfortable Sun Lounger in the World” here. But quite frankly there is some seriously stiff competition out there.

Take a look at this one from Unopiu:


Sleek, sophisticated and luxurious. However, just a note of caution when buying for your luxury holiday home in Spain and elsewhere around the Mediterranean – watch out for the termites! They love whicker, timber and other natural materials – I know from experience! Nonetheless this sun lounger is particularly elegant and comfortable and is currently retailing for $400 (£270) at Unopiu.

Other models to consider are:

We particularly liked this sun lounger from Gardens and More designed by Dutchman Frans Schrofer.


It really looks like it shapes round the body and I’m sure it will ultimately become the staple of many luxury villas. Retailing at around $1,000 (£695).

Or how about this oak Peter Maly recliner below – subtle and sophisticated but retailing at a whopping $2,000 (1,380) at Encompassco. Not convinced that this justifies the price tag but aesthetically appealing nonetheless.


My personal favourite is the Franz Schrofer design.

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