Luxury Glass Wine Decanters by Riedel Crystal

Riedel Crystal, the luxury Austrian tableware and stemware innovator has created three ultra-stylish new glass decanters, all inspired by some of the planet`s most graceful and elegant birds.

These new decanters are innovative and exceptional in both form and function. The new forms are mouth- and hand-blown lead crystal, which will help your wine to aerate and open up allowing the aromas and flavours to be fully appreciated. Young as well as old wines benefit from the process, and it`s not necessary to be a wine buff to appreciate the difference decanting a wine can make.

The Swan Decanter: (£240) Mouth-blown from lead crystal, wine is poured into the wider opening – the swan`s tail – which forms a natural handle, then pours into the glass from the long narrow neck. The Swan Decanter has been awarded Highly Commended Luxury Gift of the Year 2008.

The Flamingo Decanter: (£240) Hand-blown lead crystal. The base of this decanter features a deep punt for the thumb, allowing the fingers to cradle the outside of the decanter for stability and control when pouring.

Paloma Decanter: (£240) Mouth-blown lead crystal. As with the swan, the wine is poured into the widest opening, which also acts as a handle, and then poured out through the narrow curved neck. The neck`s elliptical mouth provides a drip less pour.

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