The Most Expensive Fiat 500 In The World

Ah, the dinky Fiat 500. Nothing wrong with it at all, in fact, it’s already a bit of a design classic.

My Mum is the proud owner of a 500, and she looks proper good driving around town. The mini car is everything you would want for the city and I must admit, I am rather fond of it too.

Not my Mum’s Fiat 500!

But, is there really any need to Pimp it up? To give it a serious bling makeover?

The answer is no, it doesn’t need it. Unless some real professionals are involved. Pros like Stuart Hughes and Fenice Milano….Then, it’s a resounding yes!

This super high end mini car was commissioned by a wealthy Chinese businessman. The kings of bling worked their magic and created something quite outstanding.


Some stats on this Fiat 500c Abarth – aka `La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp`.

• Based on 500C Abarth with 200HP powered by Romeo Ferraris.

iPad solid gold Supreme edition by Stuart Hughes.

• Full customisation by Fenice Milano with gold plated and teak solid wood.

• Exterior design by Fenice Milano design team.

• Interior design a collaboration between Katherine Hughes and the Fenice Milano design team.

The price was quite outstanding too! At almost $500,000, it has to be the best 500 out there.

Soak up the opulence, my friends!

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