The Millionaire Matchmakers

Seventy Thirty, the exclusive matchmaking and partner headhunting company for successful and affluent people talks to Lussorian, about finding truly exceptional partners for their time hungry, highly successful members.

Seventy Thirty`s members lead active lives and therefore do not have the time or opportunity to meet potential partners through the usual channels, so Seventy Thirty offers a unique and engaging experience that is tailored to the individual, delivered by a dedicated team of experienced psychologists and relationship experts, combining psychology with matchmaking in a unique way not found in any other agency.


The Seventy Thirty concept was created by Susie Ambrose, an experienced psychologist, whose clients are amongst the country’s most successful people.

`Studies show that people achieve the optimal success in life when they strike a 70:30 balance between work and life. I set up Seventy Thirty to enhance the personal lives of the world’s top achievers – whose focus is on finding a special relationship. I also recognised the need to develop a service that brings psychology to matchmaking and produces incredible results for people who seek the ultimate experience in finding a partner.`

Seventy Thirty members are exceptional, accomplished and affluent people who are committed to finding a special relationship. Whether they are self-made or of inherited wealth, into city or country-living, at the peak of their career or enjoying a more leisurely lifestyle, Seventy Thirty takes a holistic approach to matchmaking and offers many bespoke enrichment services to enhance all areas of their members lives to help them achieve true satisfaction.

With members from the UK, Republic of Ireland, USA, Monaco, UAE and many other countries worldwide, Seventy Thirty take a proactive approach to finding suitable partners by extending their search beyond the membership group, using our networking skills and social connections in countries throughout the world.
By developing a model of matchmaking based on their knowledge about the psychology of attraction and relationships, they work in partnership with their clients, listening to them, asking the right questions and helping them to discover what they really want before, during and after any date arranged.

The service is confidential and discreet: all members, employees and third parties must sign a confidentiality agreement before they can have any form of involvement with the business. By doing this, the identities of our members, many of whom are high profile within their industry, are protected.

Despite having to have a proven wealth of over one million pounds, Seventy Thirty have not seen a dip in interest, as originally anticipated due to the credit crunch, especially due to the fact that many of the members work within the city. Instead they have seen a steady growth, with people seemly re-evaluating their priorities in life.

Commenting on the credit crunch, Rachel MacLynn, Psychologist and Seventy Thirty`s Head of Global Membership – MSc BSc (Hons), highlights the current change in people`s priorities.

“The credit crunch has generated a massive shift in the values and mindset of successful people. Men and women who were once driven by money and material goods have re-evaluated their lives and become much more focussed on building secure relationships, particularly romantic ones, which will remain solid and bring contentment in times of adversity.`

`We tend to be surrounded by the things we value most, and in times when change is all around us, we usually veer towards placing a lot of value and emphasis on some form of stability in our attachments: whether that be more emphasis on family relationships or even towards a partner.`

`We have experienced an increase in demand for our services in the last 12 months, despite the recession. When times are tough people naturally seek support from others, and so finding a partner often becomes a priority. Highly successful people have also found themselves with a much healthier work:life balance and have the time to commit to a relationship that they may otherwise have not.`

Seventy and Thirty don`t stop there and also run a number of exceptionally effective programmes in addition to matchmaking, to help their clients enrich their lives. The programmes are extremely popular with their members, as well as their family and friends, and also with people who are in a relationship. With 40 years of shared experience between them, the Seventy Thirty practitioners working in therapeutic and holistic environments, use a combination of enrichment services including life-coaching, counselling and image consultation to tailor a service that is specific to the client requirements.

Four and a half years since its launch, Seventy Thirty continues to find loving partners for their members and have successfully matched nearly 85% of their clientele, and even attended the weddings of many delighted individuals.

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