Bored of mowing the lawn? Welcome to the RoboMower.

No this isn`t an advert for some feature film set in the future, this is real!


The RL800 is a fully automatic lawn mower that is designed to autonomously mow your lawn simply by pressing a button. The RoboMower has a full 21-inch width of cut, and can handle mowing the same types, thickness and heights of grass that a traditional gas walk mower can handle. The RoboMower is a cut-on-demand mower, meaning you choose when and how often to cut.

It features a cutting system that delivers a full 5.5 HP equivalent power at the blades. It is a dedicated mulching mower that mulches far better than a traditional mower because of the Triple-Chamber-Mulching system with a full 5800-RPM blade speed, almost twice that of a gas walk mower.

It costs around £600, but think of all that extra time you can spend sleeping in the garden.

What`s more is that it is totally environmentally friendly running on power packs that you charge up.

It`s ideally suited to cutting about 4,000-5,000 square feet of grass (~acre and less) which is a pretty large garden.

How does it work?
A single wire is pegged around the perimeter of the lawn. A low voltage signal is carried through the wire, establishing a ‘virtual fence’ for the RoboMower to operate within. It cannot operate without the signal in the wire and will only operate within the area defined by the wire. The RoboMower uses an on-board navigation system using the magnetic field of the earth to determine the most efficient method of mowing any given lawn. The RoboMower is constantly measuring aspects of the lawn to insure the most effective path and direction.

Wanna know more – I do!!!

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