Rattlesnake, Islington – Review

Rattlesnake, a restyled drinking, eating and music venue, has recently opened on the buzzing Islington Upper Street. However, Rattlesnake isn`t just another bar, it has been designed by U2`s award-winning Paul Daly – who is responsible for a host of other top London venues, such as Hoxton Square’s Zigfrid von Underbelly, Shoreditch haunt Road trip and its music-venue basement bar, The Workshop. Rattlesnake`s décor really carries through some of the classy interior touches that have been the hallmarks of his other pieces.


The Look

According to the tale, Rattlesnake is inspired by one of Daly`s American road trips and attempts to encapsulate the spirit of 1969`s Easy Rider. I have to say that the bar does achieve this rustic and rugged American feel; you have the open brick walls, booths, neon placards and other standard pieces in American bars. Other state-side frills include booths inspired by the studded leather panniers of the great Harley Davidson touring bikes. I was also mesmerised by some of Daly`s video screens, which displayed a plethora of interesting motion pictures as curated by the Open Gallery (opengallery.co.uk).

Aside from all the artistic flourishes, the venue also has a live music room with a hefty Nexo sound system and large 16-track mixing desk – the Nexo is enough to blow, or more precisely rock, your socks off. The compact stage is skirted by a sizeable viewing area and a VIP section. Although, don`t expect there to be throngs of people here, as the bar`s entire capacity is a modest 300. Live gigs run throughout the week, so check the Facebook page for up-to-date details: https://www.facebook.com/RattlesnakeLondon


Food and Booze

The drinks menu contains a mix of traditional American style cocktails, which are brimming with ginger beer and citrus blends. I tried the Texican Mule and I felt it really captured that all American feel – gorgeous. There was also a wide selection of draught beers, bottled beers, wines and other tipples to keep everyone occupied.

Another string to Rattlesnake`s bow is its Texican food; which consists of classics such as corn dogs, tacos and even breakfast is on offer. Unfortunately, I didn`t get to try any of the food so I can`t comment on how good it is, but it did look `darn` good – to use an American turn of phrase.

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