Lita Cabellut At The Opera Gallery

The Opera Gallery London is hosting a very unique exhibition: artist Lita Cabellut`s personal tribute to the great Frida Kahlo.


You can catch this homage to the great Mexican painter right now, through to 21st april. Lita Cabellut pays her tribute to the Mexican lady on monumental canvases and a powerful and striking colour-palette.

Frida Kahlo`s long admired work has been described as “surrealist”, and during 1938, one surrealist described Kahlo as a “ribbon around a bomb”. An examination of Kahlo`s life makes this description quite apt.

La Perla Negra is Cabellut`s tribute to Kahlo and it is quite something. The paintings are huge, both in size and colour. Bold would be an understatement.

Lita Cabellut was born in 1961 in Barcelona, where she grew up in a poor Gypsy-environment. Her work is closely intertwined with the memories of the old area of Barcelona, El Raval, with closeness to the docks, La Bocquerai market, Las Ramblas and Sant Antonie market, replete with pickpockets, street performers and of course, prostitutes.

She studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam between 1982 and 1984.

Nowadays, Lita Cabellut is regarded as a painter with a unique pictorial language. Her ‘humanfaced’ paintings are exposed all around the globe, in New York, Dubai, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Barcelona, London, Paris, Venice, Monaco, Seoul and many more cities.

The Opera Gallery are getting good at this, another important and exciting exhibition.

Not to be missed.

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