The world`s best Cognac – Louis XIII Le Jeroboam

Last week saw the launch of the world`s best Cognac, The House of Rémy Martin`s Louis XIII Le Jeroboam.

Louis XIII Le Jeroboam was created to honour the four generations of cellar masters. Le Jeroboam comes with a pipette, the working and tasting tool of the Rémy Martin cellar masters. This allows each owner of the decanter to act out this century-old ceremony which forms the heart of the cellar master’s expertise.


What makes Louis XIII Le Jeroboam so special? The world`s best cognac is made with the renowned Louis XIII blend of over 1,200 fine eau-de-vie from the famed Grande Champagne region. the capacity of each Le Jeroboam is three litres, which is four times the volume of the regular Louis XIII decanter.

Size really does matter.

The most prestigious cru in Cognac, Louis XIII is aged for up to a century in unique barrels known as `tierǟ¶õons` for ultimate depth and luxurious intensity.

The packaging is not to be sniffed at either. The exquisite handmade Louis XIII crystal decanter is created by a minimum of five expert craftsmen and finished with 24 carat gold, and comes protected in a brass-bound wooden case or `coffret`.

Le Jeroboam costs $16,000 and will be available at high-end retailers in September 2011.

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