Take in the skylines at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a Luxury Collection Hotel

During our recent luxury trip across Japan, we were able to experience many different forms of Japanese culture, cuisine, and accommodation – one of the most luxurious of these was The Prince Gallery Hotel in Tokyo. Situated in Kioicho, a town with a lavish past, The Prince Gallery towers high above the surrounding area to compliment the city skyline with its gorgeous architecture.

The hotel has a strong artistic focus, and this is highly apparent from the amount of framed paintings and illustrations dotted around the hallways and rooms. The interior design could also be considered artful in itself, with intricate designs squeezed into every fixture and furnishing. We were lucky enough to get a tour of the hotel and try the numerous facilities they offer.

Prince Tokyo - View

Guest Rooms

The Prince Gallery has a selection of different rooms to pick from, ranging from a 42 sq ft guest room to a 148 sq ft suite. Each room is furnished extravagantly, with an emphasis on bringing in light and using creative designs in a sophisticated style. This is largely helped by the large windows in every room, which show off a breathtaking panoramic view of the city below. During our stay, we found that the best time to look out over the city is at night, where the moving traffic below becomes mesmerizing.

Prince Gallery - Room

The rooms all come equipped with a tablet which allows you to manage your entire stay, from contacting room service to reading the newspaper. It also gives you complete control over the lighting and blinds in your room, providing pre-set options for different moods. In the bathroom area, you will find a walk-in shower and bath area which is surrounded by ‘electric glass’, which can either be transparent or opaque at the flick of a switch. The only issue we found during our stay is that when we had a bath, we had to keep the water running as the plugs didn’t provide enough of a seal.

Below is a 360 view of one of the smaller guest rooms. Use your mouse or finger to look around.


Hotel Facilities

When it comes to relaxing and fitness at The Prince Gallery hotel, you’ll find no better place to start than the spa and fitness area. The large indoor pool is the most stunning feature, surrounded by windows which look out over the city.

There are also male and female bath areas, which feature shower areas, hot and cold baths, and a sauna. We found it to be quite an interesting experience, as it mixed traditional Japanese bathing (similar to onsens) with modern aesthetics – not to mention the city view surrounding it all. Although we were not able to check it out ourselves, there is also a Swiss Perfection Spa which offers one of the best spa experiences in Japan and has earned many awards worldwide.

Prince Tokyo - Pool

Food and drink

When it comes to eating at The Prince Gallery hotel, there are 3 main options for you to pick from. The main restaurant, Washoku Souten, serves Japanese-style food and is open from 11:30AM until 10:00PM. The aesthetic theme is ‘ice’, and this can really be seen from the ceiling decorations and colour palette. As well as the superb meals they offer on the main menu, there is also a Sake bar and Sushi bar, where you can see delicious sushi being made right in front of you.


If you’re looking for something a bit closer to home there is also Oasis Garden, an Italian restaurant which serves a decent selection of high-quality Italian cuisine. If you decide to include breakfast with your hotel reservation, this is where you will come to try the expansive selection buffet-style food in the morning.


For us, the stand-out area of the hotel was the Sky Gallery Lounge Levita. This two-story bar area features a vast kaleidoscopic view of the city with intricate glass fixtures surrounding it – a clear sign that the artistic aesthetic of this hotel has a great deal of thought behind it. When you finally find yourself able to stop gazing out the window to order drinks, there’s expert bar staff to create any number of mouth-watering drinks and cocktails.

Bar area


We would recommend The Prince Gallery Hotel to anybody looking for a luxury getaway near the centre of Tokyo. If you want to find out more and browse through the range of rooms and suites they have on offer, then head over to The Luxury Collection website.

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