Luxury Winter Drinks Guide 2017

Winter is on the way and you may be looking to warm the cockles with a terrific tipple (or two!). Our Luxury Winter Drinks Guide is all you need to find the very best drinks out there. This includes delicious licquers from FAIR, Prosecco from Scavi & Ray, Champagne from Pommery, Port from Graham’s, superb sake, plus more and some of the very best gadgets to keep the drinks flowing this Winter.

Boodles Gin (£21)

Are you currently enjoying the gin-naissance and the plethora of gins available? If so, you are probably in need of a little guidance as to the very best offerings this Winter. Boodles Gin offers affordability, elegance and classic London Dry Gin flavours are all on offer here.

Boodles has been rejuvenated and relaunched since being taken over by new owners in 2013. The brand has elected the name Boodle’s, which is in fact a gentlemen’s club in St James’s. Boodles became renowned over the years for hosting former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Ian Fleming, author of James Bond. Therefore, although the new branding is in its infancy, the gin harks back to years past. Through the subtle deployment of a flavour, this gin is great to match with a tonic or an ideal mixer for cocktails too.

Herbaceous in essence, there are no citrus botanicals and therefore you should look to add a slice of lemon or lime upon serving.

Available from Morrisons.

Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Honjozo Sake (£35)

We have previously mentioned Sous Chef on Lussorian, featuring their Mini Sake Barrel and 

their wide selection of drinks from around the world. Following on from there we have had the opportunity to try their Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Honjozo, an example of one of their premium sake bottles.

This classic sake from Hakkaisan is made with Gohyakumangoku rice, providing a refreshingly smooth, mellow taste; this is surprising, considering that it has a fairly high alcohol content at 15.5%. On the palate, there are subtle hints of sweet fruits, rice, and a dry finish. We drunk this sake alongside a meal of glazed chicken teriyaki, and although the two went together perfectly, it would almost certainly go well with most hot meats. This Honjozo sake can be enjoyed either chilled or warm, but our personal preference is warm during the winter months. When gently heated, the delicate aroma is enhanced, removing the slightly alcoholic taste that’s more prominent when chilled.

If you want to learn more about this Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Honjozo sake, then head over to the Sous Chef website; you can also buy a bottle to try at home for only £35.00 here.

FAIR. Pomegranate Liqueurs (£16.98)

If you haven’t heard of FAIR, firstly where have you been and secondly, don’t worry, it’s not to late! FAIR. is the world’s first ethically sourced drinks brand, they have a passion for products with ethical providence and great flavours.

The newest addition to the FAIR. range is this aesthetically striking pomegranate liqueur.  A dazzling red, the liqueur has the expected pomegranate aroma, with hints of cherry and cranberry. It’s a great antidote to the cold Winter months.

With this product, the liqueur is organic and Fair Trade Certified, sourced from various coops in countries such as Malawi and Paraguay. The result is a vibrant, exciting and irresistible flavour. Keep an eye out for FAIR. in our Christmas 2017 Drinks Guide!

FAIR. Pomegranate is currently available from Amathus Drinks.

Cazcabel Coffee infused tequila (£25.99)

Cazcabel are one of our favourite Premium Tequila brands and we are thrilled to see them launch a coffee liqueur in time for Winter 2017.

Cazcabel Coffee sees roasted sweet Arabica coffee from Soconusco (Mexico) with the brands signature tequila for an exquisite tasting experience. The earthy and dry blanco that Cazcabel have become known for works well with the smooth coffee flavour for an ideal Winter tipple.

We enjoyed this short, but you can use Cazcabel Coffee in cocktails too with superb results. Available from Proof Drinks and RRP is £25.99

Amaro Di Angostura (£27.95)

The House of Angostura has launched in the UK, bringing with it over 190 years of experience in award winning rums and bitters. This particular offering is apparently “inspired by Don Carlos Siegert, the bon vivant son of Angostura’s Founder J.G.B. Siegert. Don Carlos placed Angostura® Aromatic Bitters on the world stage in the 1880’s.” With all of this history behind it you would expect something quite memorable, luckily it delivers with aplomb!

The blenders combined world-renowned Angostura® aromatic bitters with a flourish of creativity, spices and craftsmanship for a herbal liqueur that lends itself to colder weather and warmer weather too. You really have to try it for yourself to see. However, Amaro Di Angostura is warming thanks to cinnamon on the tongue and liquorice notes.

It is available from Whisky Exchange and RRP is £27.95

Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Prosecco (£19.99) 

One of the best and finest examples of prosecco out there. Designed to be consumed

over ice, this exuberant fizz has been crafted from bianco grapes for elegant and aromatic results.

Scavi & Ray have absolutely nailed affordable luxury with this prosecco, available for under £20, it’s a steal. Aromatic, fruity and medium dry, this is a great example of how prosecco has challenged Champagne as the world’s favourites.

Did you know that Scavi & Ray is the prosecco of choice for fashion brands including LFW, Links of London and Uniclo. Available from Proof Drinks £19.99

Scavi & Ray Non-Alcoholic

IF you are the designated driver this Winter, fear not, there is a prosecco with just as much fun and flavour to be had. Scavi & Ray’s Alcohol-Free prosecco is stylish, flavoursome and enjoyable whatever the occasion.

Light and crisp, it is delicately fruity, slightly smoky aroma with notes of pear, citrus and vanilla finished with a gently sweetness.

Available from Proof Drinks for £9.99


Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage 2011 (75cl) RRP £15.00

For us, Port is a must have for any winter drink’s cabinet! Graham’s late Bottled Vintage is a superb example of a premium port at a reasonable price. At just £15, you can enjoy a smooth, soft port full of blackberry taste on the palette and liquorice notes.

With its sleek and stylish polished black bottle, the Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage (2011) is the perfect addition to the cabinet of any discerning drinker.

Ideally matched to a Winter or Christmas cheeseboard, you can expect many happy faces around the dinner table.

Available from Tesco, Waitrose & Sainsbury’s

Koko Kanu

Not everyone loves the cold weather and some enjoy reflecting on Summer’s gone by and the warmer months of next year. If that’s you, Koko Kanu, a Jamaican coconut based rum, offers a slice of the exotic.

Koko Kanu has been inspired the “golden days” of jet set travel when the beauty of Jamaica was becoming more accessible and easier to enjoy.  The branding and the flavour aim to capture the national sense of adventure and sophistication, which we believe it does in bucket loads. We would pick this over Malibu any-day of the year!

Here is a great serving suggestion, the Koko Kolada by Ian Burrell:

Glass: Martini or Coupe

  • 50 ML Koko Kanu
  • 50 ML Pineapple Juice
  • Nutmeg

Find out more here.

Pommery Brut Royal NV Champagne

Hailing from Reims, Pommery is one of the best-known producers of Champagne and they have been doing so since 1836. This Champagne is pale yellow in colour and there are very feint hints of green too.

Full of life, beautifully bubble and vibrant in flavour, this is a must-have for the imminent festive season. The flavour is citrusy and there are white flower notes with small red fruits for a superbly balanced and dangerously quaffable Champagne.

Find out more here.

The Üllo wine purifier (£varies)

A super device, the Üllo is an innovative wine purifier which promises to restore the natural taste of your wine by removing sulfites whilst also aerating your wine at the same time.

The Üllo wine purifier uses what the brand calls Selective Sulfite Capture™ filter technology to remove the artificial preservatives (the sulfites) from your wine. After all, with the bottle open, there really isn’t any need for these chemicals and they impact on the taste. Using various polymer layers, the filters remove the sulfites and their bitter taste, allowing your wine to sing naturally, as it was before it was bottled. Does it have an impact? We certainly believe so!

You also have the option to aerate your wine or to not, thanks to a handy switch on the unit’s base. For wine aficionados, this is an essential addition.

Find out more here.

ZOS Halo (£49.99)

One of the biggest crimes is opening a beautiful bottle of wine, popping it in the fridge and then leaving it until the wine is no longer drinkable. Thankfully, ZOS Halo is a gadget which offers guaranteed freshness for up to 2 whole months. If you are guilty of leaving wine to waste, then this is a gadget for you.

Created over many years in sunny California by inventor Greg Luziach, ZOS Halo uses  patented cartridge technology to ensure freshness. Simply insert the device into the bottle and the device removes 99% of oxygen within the bottle. Remember, oxygen is your wines enemy and without it, your wine can last for up to 2 months.  But that’s not all, the ZOS Halo comes with lighting to tell you when the preservation process starts and ends. No more loss of flavour or oxidisation. 

This tool not only compliments those who leave wine to ruin, but it also liberates those people who maybe stop themselves indulging through fear of not finishing a bottle.  This is a far more effective tool than the humble stopper or vacuums, it just works.

A single patented cartridge will keep 15 bottles of wine fresh – superb value. If you assume an average bottle costs £6.99, then each bottle will cost just under £0.35 pence to preserve.

ZOS Halo can be used on a variety of red and white wine bottles and spare ZOS cartridges are available.  ZOS Halo (1 cartridge and batteries included) retails at £49.99 and will be available to buy later in September from Lakeland (

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