Top Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2024

Dad jokes? Check. Epic grilling skills? Double-check. The unwavering support of a superhero (minus the cape)? Absolutely! Father’s Day is roaring in fast, and it’s time to celebrate the one and only OG in our lives.

But here’s the thing: dads can be tough to shop for. Ties are a snooze, socks are a yawn, and that “World’s Best Dad” mug? Let’s be honest, it’s seen better days (probably thanks to all that coffee he needs to fuel his dad-ing).

Fear not, Father’s Day gift-giving warriors! This guide is your secret weapon to ditching the dreaded tie aisle and scoring major points with pops. We’ve got ideas for every type of dad, from the tech-obsessed gadget guru to the grill-mastering king of the backyard. So, ditch the stress, grab your gift-giving game face, and get ready to find the perfect present that’ll make Dad feel like the legend he truly is.

Meater Plus 2 (£119.99)

The Meater+ 2 Plus is your secret weapon to becoming a backyard barbecue boss. This ain’t your grandpa’s thermometer. This wireless wonder delivers real-time temperature readings from your food, letting you ditch the constant grill-peeking and focus on enjoying the company (or a frosty beverage).

But the Meater+ 2 Plus goes way beyond basic temperature checks. Imagine having a grill guru whispering expert advice in your ear. The Meater+ 2 Plus app provides step-by-step instructions, complete with estimated cook times and alerts, so your food turns out juicy and perfect every single time.

And forget limitations! This little grilling gadget tackles it all, from delicate fish to slow-smoked pulled pork. Plus, its compact size lets you use it for roasts, poultry, or even fancy sous vide cooking. Plus, cleaning is a breeze – it’s both waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Built with high-quality stainless steel, the Meater+ 2 Plus can stand the heat (up to a scorching 572°F!) and the long cooking sessions. And let’s talk about looks! The sleek design and magnetic charging case add a touch of sophistication to your grilling arsenal.

Is it the most affordable option out there? Maybe not. But for serious grillers who crave precision and a technological sidekick, the Meater+ 2 Plus is an investment that will have you serving up restaurant-worthy results in no time.

ikago Smart Mug Warmer (£54)

Does your Father end up walking around the house leaving cold cups of coffee in his wake? Ditch the lukewarm blues! The ikago mug warmer is your dad’s (or yours) new coffee BFF, keeping your cup cozy warm exactly how you like it.

This fancy gadget uses infrared technology to actually read your drink’s mind (well, temperature). Set it to your perfect degree, from lukewarm to scorching hot (up to 175℉), and ikago will make sure it stays that way. Just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight – a little sunbathing can confuse its sensors.

The ikago warmer is like a coffee-loving butler, remembering your last temperature setting. No more fiddling with controls – just place your mug down and blissfully sip that perfectly warm coffee.

Safety first, coffee lovers! ikago prioritizes your well-being. The heating plate senses when your mug is empty and powers down automatically. Left your mug lingering? No worries, the ikago goes into standby mode after 15 minutes to save energy. Plus, the touch controls lock to prevent accidental adjustments – because nobody wants a scalding surprise.

The ikago warmer boasts a top-notch heating plate for even heat distribution, and a waterproof design with a special silicone ring and water guide for peace of mind. The matte black finish adds a touch of elegance to your desk or living room, making it a stylish companion for your coffee obsession.

Get yours here.

Soundcore Boom 2 Plus (£199)

The Soundcore Boom 2 Plus is a portable speaker designed to bring the party anywhere. If your dad yearns for big bass and to elevate that family BBQ, look no further. It boasts powerful sound of 140W with deep bass, ideal for outdoor adventures thanks to its waterproof and shockproof build. The long battery life and built-in power bank keep the party going for extended periods. While the bass is impressive, audiophiles might desire a wider soundstage. Overall, this speaker prioritises volume, bass, and durability at a reasonable price point. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our full upcoming review.

Get yours here.

Wine from Halfpenny Green Wine Estate

Halfpenny Green isn’t just a vineyard, it’s a family legacy of over three decades. Thirty years ago, farmer Martin Vickers set out to grow vines that rivalled the best in Europe. Today, his 30-acre Staffordshire vineyard flourishes, with Martin himself tending the land. The award-winning wines are a family affair too, crafted by Martin’s son Clive, a true chip off the old vine. But Halfpenny Green isn’t just about the grapes – Clive’s wife Lisa runs the acclaimed shop, restaurant, and tea rooms, making it a delightful destination for a day out. We’ve handpicked two of their beautiful wines to throw into contention with your Father’s Day gifting.

PENNY BLACK 2021 from Halfpenny Green Wine Estate: A Refreshing Medium Dry Blend (£12.25)

This pale gold, medium dry wine is a blend made with grapes like Huxelrebe, Madeleine Angevine & Reichensteiner. We loved the refreshing citrus and herbal notes. In terms of pairing, it is perfect with poultry, pork, stir-fries, or Asian cuisine.

Bacchus 2022 (£15.25)

This isn’t your average white wine. Forget boring! This dry Bacchus boasts the soul of England, bursting with zesty lime and a touch of fragrant herbs. Made with the country’s favorite grape, it’s a lively number that’ll dance on your tongue. Pair it with grilled fish, veggie-packed pasta, or even a rich poultry dish. It’s also fantastic as an aperitif – perfect for nibbles and good company!

Get yours here.

Nidhoggr Traditional Mead (£24)

Experience the history and legend in every sip of Nidhoggr Traditional Mead. Crafted with the finest, locally sourced Yorkshire honey, this mead embodies the smooth sweetness Vikings enjoyed in their grand feasts.

Perfect for mead newcomers and veterans alike, Nidhoggr’s Traditional Mead offers a classic flavor profile with a deep, lingering honey character. Savor it neat to appreciate the pure honey essence, or use it as a base for inventive cocktails.

Embark on your mead adventure today with Nidhoggr Traditional Mead. Start  here.

Greasy Fingers Luscious Red Wine

Greasy Fingers Luscious Red is all about embracing the good stuff – the messy burgers, the finger-lickin’ wings, the pure, unadulterated joy of indulgence.

This Shiraz-Grenache blend isn’t your snooty wine. It’s crafted to be your partner in crime for those glorious “greasy fingers” moments. We’re talking juicy red fruits bursting out of the glass, balanced with a hint of spice to complement that juicy burger you’re about to conquer.

Plus, it’s the perfect gift for any fellow foodie (or hey, treat yourself – we’re all about celebrating the good life here).

Available at most major supermarkets.

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