Enjoy the summer with Maui Jim’s Pilot sunglasses

With summer now approaching, it’s almost time to whip out the swimming shorts and summer shirts. When trying to put together the perfect outfit to handle the heat, one of the most important elements is sunglasses. The sunglasses you wear can say a lot about you and completely change the look of your entire outfit, so picking the right pair is essential!

It’s quite fortunate then that Maui Jim, the premium Hawaiian polarised sunglasses brand, has a pair of sunglasses to suit every occasion. There are plenty of options to choose from, but we were lucky enough to take a closer look at the Pilot frames.

Maui Jim Pilot Sunglasses

The Pilot sunglasses offer up an aviator-style teardrop frame which wraps around the head and complements a wide range of facial shapes and contours. There’s a reason why aviator frames have remained so popular for such a long time; they’re stylish, cool, and provide a wide area of protection around your eyes. The Pilot frames are no exception – they take a classic look and give it a modern twist by curving smoothly around your face. The only thing to note is that the frames are quite large for those with smaller heads, but this should come as no surprise with any aviator sunglasses.

There are two colour choices to pick from: HCL® Bronze and Neutral Grey. The subtle, thin rims around the lenses create slick teardrop shapes which compliment the double cross-bar bridge nicely. The nose pads are made of a soft rubber material, and coupled with the curved earpiece provide a secure, comfortable fit. I tend to find it difficult to find a comfortable pair of sunglasses as my head is on the large side, but I can honestly say that these sunglasses felt like they were designed just for me. They truly are one of the most comfortable pairs of sunglasses I’ve worn. The firm design also means that you can quickly move around and even play sports whilst wearing them without fear of the grip loosening.

When it comes to the lenses themselves, they are both impact and scratch-resistant, and completely stop any glare shining through. Wearing the Pilots doesn’t block out your vision like a lot of cheaper sunglasses, but instead boosts colours and allows you to enjoy scenery whilst still remaining UV protected.

Overall the Maui Jim Pilot sunglasses provide all-around protection and all-around style for the summer. You can pick up a pair for £225.00, or to find out more information you can visit the Maui Jim website.

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