Flamin crazy priced Aussie BBQ!

We all know the Aussies love a good BBQ, but this is taking it to the extreme. A golden BBQ for £100,000!

The `little beaut` is gold plated all over and the only one of its kind you can buy. It was created especially for the ‘World’s Finest’ exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC.


The BBQ itself has all the gadgets and gizmos you could wish for, plus a few flashy extras:

• Quartz start ignition technology system
• Vaporiser grid
• Six high output burners
• A wok burner
• A roasting hood with viewing window
• Warming rack and reflector system

The BBQ is sure to have a few stooped millionaires cooking up a sweat over it.

Alan Chater, Beefeater European Sales Manager, said: “We decided to do something to celebrate being part of the ‘World’s Finest’ event, so we commissioned the gold-plated barbecue

`Part of the fun of having a barbecue is putting on a show, and that’s what we do best`.

“We wanted to go to the next step – it’s a great style statement and shows just what can be done.

“It was purely made to see what we could do in terms of opulence, price and features.

“It clearly does look spectacular. Should it ever come to market in the future it will cost £100,000 because even the nuts, bolts and screws are gold-plated.`

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