Greet the sun in style with Walter & Herbert sunglasses

Summer is fast approaching, and inevitably my thoughts turn to summer garb!

I begin by confessing to be a dreadful sunglasses snob. I suffer from light sensitivity so when it comes to sunglasses I believe you get what you pay for. The Roddick Flaming Ember sunglasses from Walter and Herbert were beautifully presented from the moment they arrived. Housed within a neat wooden box, the sunglasses came in a sturdy and stylish case which included cleaning cloth.


Walter and Herbert have such a varied selection of classic and stylish sunglasses that the choice is almost overwhelming. For this review I decided to focus on one pair in particular; the Roddick Flaming Ember Frames. When it comes to the design, I love how the cat’s eye shape is unmistakably evocative of 1960’s glamour. In the past I have tried out both Gucci, Chanel and many other luxury sunglasses brands, and it’s very apparent that Walter & Herbert are up there with the best when it comes to quality and style.

The lenses are category 3, which means high protection against sun glare; I found that the lenses offer excellent protection and are large enough that there is no sunlight around your peripheral vision. They are darker at the top and transition down to a slightly paler colour at the bottom of the frame, meaning you shouldn’t need to remove them to look down at your phone or read a menu.


The frames are of a high quality with a fabulous tortoiseshell design and the arms are a unique, silvery colour with tortoiseshell at the ends; this makes them stand out from the crowd and once again highlights their superior quality. The frames are incredibly comfortable to wear and feel tailored to your head shape, whilst still remaining durable. I personally found that the arms sat comfortably on my ears without gripping tightly at all. They are the first pair of sunglasses I have ever owned which I haven’t had to get adjusted before wearing them.

These sunglasses could be worn with just about any outfit both casual and formal. You can pick up a pair for yourself for only £220, which is a great investment staple for your summer wardrobe. For more information, check out

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