Le Pont de la Tour Brassiere, London – Review

A friend of mine who works in the city wanted to celebrate his birthday with some great food in a place a little bit more special than the usual city bars but not as stupidly expensive. I had the perfect answer- le Pont de la Tour. This famous riverside restaurant also has a brassiere section which serves delicious food and drink in a less formal set up than its main dining room. The brassiere still boasts the same fantastic views across towerbridge and has an equally impressive wine menu, it just feels a little more relaxed – so perfect a birthday treat. Also, being part of Terence Conran D&D franchise the food is guaranteed to be great, after all these are the people who turned the OXO tower in a world famous dining destination.


Our evening visit was a bit chilly so we decided to stay in the main bar section and listen their pianist play out a few tunes, she struggled to be heard now and then as a very animated group of suits toasted loudly to some sort of success and made the most of some very expensive looking champagne. In fact most of the guests that evening seemed to be celebrating, perhaps it`s the location or the well stocked bar that helps maintain a warm and jovial ambience.

We dined on fresh and tender langoustines, filled up on hand cut chips, crispy green salad and warm French bread but couldn`t fit in any dessert it was divine! It must have been a success because my friend went back the following week; he didn`t see why he had to wait another year before attempting pudding.

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