Achieve Gourmet Dining In Your Own Home With Donald Russell

Have you ever set out to make a luxurious home meal only to be left hollow and disappointed by the quality of produce available to you?  If the answer is yes, then you may want to sit up and listen to what we have to say about Aberdeenshire based mail order meat supplier, Donald Russell. In fact, they are Royal Warrant holders and the UK’s leading mail order meat supplier, therefore they are at the top of their game (excuse the pun!).

Donald Russell offer a wonderful range of delectable cuts, including beef, pork, lamb, chicken and much more. Even deserts are on offer! Perfect for winter there is also a range of slow roasted dishes which ooze with flavour and melt in the mouth. Plus, for something a little more adventurous, Donald Russell also offers game, veal and seafood

Yes, the range of food available is stunning and the ability to have these high-end ingredients delivered to your door is a bonus. However, it is the flavour and quality of each ingredient which make this a service worth trying. Trust us, this is restaurant quality food available in the comfort of your own home. Donald Russell also offer great guides to help you get the most out of each product.

So, if you are looking for a stunning and luxurious option for home dining this Valentine’s Day, we would strongly suggest you consider Donald Russell. In particular, their ribeye steaks with alpine fries are simply delicious.

Ribeye Steaks, 230g (£48 for 4)

One of the key elements to any great ribeye is a heavily marbling for a rich and succulent flavour. Upon cooking the marble fat melts giving the meat a flavour not present in other cuts. These outdoor reared, UK grass-fed steaks have mellow flavour with an inherent juiciness. Plus, each steak is matured on the bone for a minimum of 28 days to enhance the taste.  The hand cut steaks gave us restaurant level flavour and we were shocked to see that such fine results could be achieved at home.

Why not try Donald Russell Alpine Fries too?

Another string to the bow here has to be the Donald Russell alpine fries. Described as rösti chips, these mouth-watering fries can be cooked from frozen in less time than it takes to cook and rest your steak. No artificial flavouring is added, only soft and fluffy potato with a sprinkle of salt.

They taste absolutely fantastic and they are the perfect match for a ribeye steak. For me, this is the dream combination for an easy, yet luxurious in-home dinner for Valentine’s Day.

Here is a glimpse of the slow roasted collection

Standard UK Mainland delivery is £5 on orders under £80 and for orders over £80 delivery is always free.  Place your order here.

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