Alchemist launches Limited Edition luxury iPhones

Recently, luxury boutique Alchemist London launched a very limited edition (just two examples each) of two customised iPhone models.

Limited Edition luxury iPhones

The process of transforming the two models, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, into super-bling models took Alchemist, a luxury goods group known for extravagant creations, seven months.


Describing the process as a creative challenge of epic technical and aesthetic proportions, Alchemist used a total of 700 crystals to adorn the phones’ hand-made, 24 carat gold casings.

The Apple logo located on the back of the phones was created using 53 diamonds each, and their main navigation buttons each feature a two-carat, single-cut diamond.

This not only makes the fact that only two of each super-bling iPhone model were manufactured somewhat more understandable, but also serves to explain the staggering price of $1 million each.

The Price of Luxury

While this price may appear to be rather incredible, it does provide you with a luxurious iPhone only one other person in the world will ever own.

The $1 million price tag, by the way, is far from being the highest price ever paid for an iPhone. In 2013, Stuart Hughes (another, equally well known luxury goods company), created an iPhone encrusted in gold and diamonds that was said to have cost an unbelievable $15 million.

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