The future of transport for all – The TF-X Flying Car

For those of you sat in a traffic jam recently, you might appreciate this. It looks like we are getting close to a credible flying car.

Terrafugia are already on the case with the Transition, which looks pretty much like a mini plane that is street legal. It does have some restrictions though, which is why we were excited when we learnt about Terrafugia`s TF-X.

This is a four seater vehicle that is capable of flying 500 miles at 200 MPH. With automated vertical take-off and landing, TerraFugia state that most people will be ready to use the TF-X within 5 hours training.

For me, the biggest plus is it is reminiscent of the space cruisers in Battlestar Galactica. Brilliant! Watch this video and prepare to be impressed.

The TF-X will allow full control during flight if you wish, or you could just state destination and it will fly you there and land safely. Tuck the propellers into the body and drive off.

The TF-X is being designed to fit into a single garage, no hangar required.

TerraFugia are indicating that the price of this should match that of high end luxury cars. If this turns out to be true, the TF-X could really take off…!

There is a downside to the TF-X. Development is expected to last 8-12 years. Looking at the video and weighing everything up, it could well be worth the wait.

Imagine flying above the M25 on a Friday evening. Bliss.

To find out more and even reserve your very own flying car, click HERE.

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