Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

With plenty of bed linen materials, thread counts, and styles out on the market; from 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, to the finest silk sheets, there are dozens of sheet sets to choose from. To assist you in choosing the best linens for your bedroom, we`re going to compare the popular cotton sheets with the environmentally favourable bamboo bed sheets to see how the newest trend stands up to most popular cash crop.

We all love our high-thread count fabrics, but not much compares to the silky smoothness of bamboo sheets. Often compared to silk, and in some cases, cashmere, woven bamboo fibre sheets are luxurious from day one and when comparing within a particular price range, bamboo sheets win the softness battle by far.



Whether you`re a sweaty sleeper, or you just don`t have the air-con on this summer, you can combat your sweaty nights with the high absorbency of bamboo sheets. Bamboo is able to absorb up to 300% of its weight in moisture, making them the ideal lightweight material for summer slumber.

As well as being soft and luxurious, bamboo is also the most eco-friendly raw material around, with crops can thrive without the use of pesticides and fungicides, making it completely renewable. From eco-friendly harvesting to hypoallergenic sleeping, bamboo sheets and bedding give you more for your money than even the finest Egyptian cotton.

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