Two of the world`s most expensive phones

Mobiles and bling go hand in hand, that`s a given. But just how `bling` can you go? Read on…

Amosu are offering `The most expensive diamond Blackberry` for £120,000. Sounds like madness? The Diamond Blackberry Amosu Curva actually offers decent value for money, when you consider the quantity of diamonds and gold used here.


The blackberry comes with one year free global concierge service, in 44 cities around the world. There are also options to have the battery cover personalised with your name.

But the Midas king of bling, Stuart Hughes, goes a little further and has created the world`s most expensive iPhone This one will empty your piggy bank.

The iPhone 4S Elite Gold really does deliver. Personally, I would be happy with a standard iPhone 4S, but if you want to impress, this might just do the trick!


The bezel is handmade from rose gold with approximately 500 individual flawless diamonds which total over 100ct. The rear section is formed using 24ct gold with the added touch of its 24ct gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds.

To house this modern day work of art, the phone comes with a chest that rivals the phone itself.


Made from solid Platinum with polished pieces of original Dinosaur bone from the T-REX along with rare stones such as Opal, Pietersite, Charoite, Rutile Quartz and Star Sunstone.

The handset is 64gb and limited edition of only 2 to be ever made.

The Price? A cool £6,000,000.00.

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