Hirst Diamond Skull Sells For $100m

The unusual but rather beautiful diamond skull created by Damien Hirst has been sold to a unnamed investment group for £50m ($100m)


As you might expect, the investment group intend to hold the artwork and then resell at a later date. No doubt for a considerable profit.

Interestingly, Mr Hirst will retain a small share in the piece adding to the debate about artists retaining a royalty when an artwork is resold.

The piece has received it’s fair share of criticism and controversy but personally I find it quite beautiful. Admittedly, I wouldn’t want it morbidly sitting on my mantle piece – but I can appreciate it’s unique qualities.

As we reported, the diamond encrusted skull includes a stunning pear shaped pink diamond set within the forehead and cost £14m ($28m) to put together.

Dates are due to be confirmed for a world wide tour / exhibition of the piece.

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