Zikmu Parrot by Philippe Starck wireless stereo speakers

Available in four colours – white, grey, lime and black – you can choose which speaker will suit your surroundings and personality best. It also comes with upgraded software to improve sound quality which is a rather good bonus!

Sleek with state-of-the-art technology is what gives the speaker 360 degrees immersive sound. It uses NXT and all electrodynamic elements via a systems of DSP processing and amplifiers. Now I have no idea what any of this means really but if you`re a technology fanatic you`ll probably understand and be extremely impressed. I just know that they look good really!

You can use iPods, iPhones, PC and Mac Computers and Bluetooth mobile phones with these wireless speakers so no hassle of transferring your music. One of my favourite aspects though is that they can be connected to your TV screen for a Home Cinema Sound effect! It will feel like you`re at the movies. Now all you need is popcorn!

Wireless stereo speakers Zikmu `in Colour` Parrot by Starck will be available from April 2010 at £1, 000 inc. VAT.


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