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Debretts.com has become the essential reference tool for everyone who is interested in power, wealth, achievement and celebrity in modern Britain, making it the modern authority on all matters of etiquette, social occasions, people of distinction and fine style. In essence – the who’s who and what’s what in today’s Britain.

Debretts has just recently re-launched their website – this time with some rather unique luxury content on offer.


It now features numerous new sections of interest to anyone who lives for a luxury lifestyle, these include:

Debrett`s people
Find out about the most well-known, successful and influential figures from British life as Debrett`s People of Today becomes available online. It catalogues the lives of around 25,000 of the UK`s most influential and successful people. Did you know, for instance, that off-pitch, David Beckham lists wine-tasting amongst his recreations, or that Fern Britton likes motorcycling. Some entrants are surprisingly honest: John Cleese confesses to gluttony and sloth, while Jimmy Carr admits to enjoying all the trappings of being a c-list celebrity.

The Social Season
The site now features a hand-picked selection of events from the UK and around the world, from sports and arts to music and festivals. Find out all the information you need about events as diverse as Glorious Goodwood, The Ashes, the Big Chill, Frieze Art Fair and Alnwick Food Festival. These key details include up-to-the-minute programme details about each event, with dates, location maps and links, insiders` tips and essential information.

The site provides guidance on everything you need to plan the perfect wedding day. Whether you are the bride or the groom, a member of the wedding party or simply a guest, Debretts.com allows you to learn about the traditions and modern etiquette of a wedding day – including addressing invitations, being the best man and making that all-important speech.

Forms of Address
Benefit from Debrett`s expertise, and learn how to address people with titles – from members of the aristocracy and royal family to politicians, academics and diplomats. This unique and indispensable guide to negotiating the social minefield of British titles and styles can now be accessed online whenever and wherever you need it.

Joie De Vivre & Everyday Etiquette
Two new sections are currently under development, and will add to the rich content available on the site. Joie de Vivre, offering advice and inspiration for making the most of life and doing the right thing on every occasion, will be expanded over the coming months, while Everyday Etiquette, a brand new section launching at the end of the summer, will provide essential information on modern manners and etiquette.

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