Probably the world`s finest Grenola

Endorsed by nutritionists and Olympic sportsmen, Love Dean Grenola was founded by Lucy O`Donnell as a result of tasting a form of granola during a holiday in the Alps in 2005.

Three years on the brand has won numerous awards and has built a clientele of superstar chefs and even royalty who love its levels of nutrition, not to mention the taste.


Granola is a type of cereal made with natural ingredients such as oats and nuts that have been lightly toasted. Granola has always been popular in America and is fast becoming a breakfast trend in the UK. There are only two other types of Granola currently available in the UK and Lovedean is considered superior, largely due to its long list of healthy and concentrated ingredients.

Lovedean is stocked nationwide. Available in Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Fortnum & Mason, Fresh and Wild, Daylesford Organic and other luxury independent foodhalls and delicatessens.

Customers can also order online at

£5.95 for 450g breakfast table
£1.50 for 70g snack pot.
2KG for £14.52 sack
4Kg for £27.57 sack

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