The Cardrona Single Malt Whisky ‘Growing Wings’ review

Nestled in the snow-capped mountains of the Cardrona valley, New Zealand, The Cardrona distillery has to be one of the most picturesque in the world today. It looks like a very special place, and to be honest, it’s creating some very special, World renowned spirits.

The 64.9% Cask Strength, Cardrona Single Malt Whisky “Growing Wings”, is no exception. The three key ingredients being water, barley & yeast are sourced locally; the water from Alvin’s well fed by Mount Cardrona itself, the barley is grown on grown on the rich Canterbury plains, which id then milled on site and combined with Cardrona water in a Forsyth lauter mash tun. Finally, wort is slowly drawn off where the final ingredient, distiller’s yeast is added, and the magic of fermentation begins. Lasting 70 hours, the fermentation process is long, and responsible for allowing the spirit’s character to develop.

The spirit is then matured in select ex-Oloroso Sherry butts and ex-bourbon barrels for five and a half years and bottled at natural cask strength.

So, what’s it like?

On the nose, powerful, rich and deliciously fruity.

On the palate, we suggest adding a dash of water to get the full release of flavours. This is everything I adore in a whisky, sweet with notes of honey, apricot, sweet flowers and lashings of cream.

To finish, long and sweet notes will instantly transport you to the lush Cardrona mountain range. Ahhhh, this is really a very special liquid.

The Cardrona Single Malt Whisky scored as one of the best 50 drams ever reviewed by Whisky Magazine.

Cardrona produces a singularly tiny amount of malt spirit each year, just a barrel a day,” owner, Desiree has previously stated. “Our sole focus is to make great whisky, with the very best ingredients and craftsmanship. In 50 years Cardrona will remain an artisan distillery dedicated to crafting one of the most sought-after malts in the world, from one of the world’s most pristine environments.

A great whisky is like a fine piece of art – it is built in layers, each one adding more colour and texture than the one before. But a masterpiece isn’t something you can make with a click of the fingers. It takes time, patience, and years of waiting.

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