Welcome to the Inada W1 chair

This is the world’s first massage chair that synchronises music and sound generated from a home entertainment system with massage. Approximately £2800


Program point sensor Every time you start up one of the Healthcare programs, the chair first scans your body with infrared sensors to detect the main tsubo pressure points.

The automatic program begins while the sensor data is processed, the rollers return to your shoulders to knead them five times in succession. Before your selected program starts, you’ll have a chance to fine-tune the starting position by adjusting the “shoulder position” button on the remote control.

Synchroniser includes Amplifier Unit and Speaker Head Rest, which connects the W.1 Massage Chair with your home entertainment system. Your massage will be keyed to the music and sounds in the bass range, tapping and back vibration for the treble range and leg vibration. You can adjust the bass and treble levels using “UP and “DOWN” buttons. The program can sense variations in rhythm and melody as well as volume, so you can enjoy as much variation in your massage as you do in your home entertainment collection. The program enhances the sensory experience of your massage for deeper mental relaxation. Just don`t go putting that Drum and Bass album on!

Key features:

Full body Relief: Relaxes the muscles that affect your whole body and alleviates fatigue by stimulating shiatsu points.

Stiff Shoulders: Helps to relieve tension and stiffness around the neck and shoulders.

Neck Focus: Helps to relieve tension and stiffness on the neck area.

Lower Back Tension: Recommended for lower back muscle pain and fatigue.

Seat: Combination of vibration and air massage directly stimulates the muscles of the seat area.

Shiatsu: Slow motion shiatsu massage for entire body.

Morning: Uses a European massage technique moving from the extremities inward, toward the body’s centre. Recommended massage for first thing in the morning.

Night Time: Uses a Chinese massage technique moving outward, from the centre of the body toward the extremities. Recommended for use before bed.

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