Wam Bam Burlesque review

My experience and understanding of Burlesque was negligible. Ok I had some inkling it involved exposed flesh but beyond that – nada….

So when we were asked to do a Wam Bam Burlesque review, AKA London’s hottest and most celebrated Burlesque show, I was kind of intrigued by what I would find.

Ok, now your wondering what the hell has Burlesque got to do with luxury. Well, I was so impressed by my Wam Bam experience that it felt natural to categorise it as high end, luxury entertainment and here’s why:

• The evening is led by the incredibly cogent and alluring Lady Alex who glues each of the performances together with her needle sharp repartee.


• Choose to dine in style or stand on the peripheries, either way the Cafe’ de Paris backdrop provides appropriate levels of gravitas for a Burlesque London show.

• Tasteful, but slightly off the wall burlesque routines pepper the entire show. Think stripped down Moulin Rouge meets Star Wars – literally….



• During our visit the acerbic Joe Bor was performing a gritty bit of stand up comedy. However, you might just as easily find Richard Herring and his world famous heckle slamming routine… or the lovely Lucy Porter.

• My personal favourite act was the musical routine by Frisky and Mannish. Funny and musically gifted.


• Finally, to spice things up a bit, Wam Bam throws in some pretty decent magic performers such as Barry and Stuart.

All in a all a very pleasant evening spent at Wam Bam in Central London.

Check out the best in London burlesque at the Wam Bam Club.

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