Versace and Tag Aircraft Interiors

Private jets will soon be able to have Versace interior styling added in what will surely be the ultimate flying fashion statement. In a joint venture with TAG Aircraft Interiors Versace are set to produce unique cabin designs for the rich and famous.


Apparently, each design will be a complete one off, but expect strong elements of artistic licence if you give them the go ahead to rejuvenate your jet. According to TAG “A client might ask for a blue orange colour scheme and Versace might refuse – they are designers after all.”

For those who privately operate their own Jumbo Jet then apparently TAG Interiors “can easily kit out a Boeing 737, where there’s room to fit a bar. No plane is too large.” I wonder if Air Force One needs a makeover!!

There’s no pricing available but indications are that these designs will be at a “considerable premium”.

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