Indulge With The L’OR Barista Original Latte Machine This Winter

There’s nothing that quite compares to a perfectly made espresso or a velvety latte. Thankfully, there are a range of at-home coffee devices promising you high-quality results. The L’OR BARISTA Original Latte gives you barista level espressos with the option of silky smooth frothed milk, ideal for whipping up a latte or cappuccino. But how does it compare to other Nespresso capsule machines? The answer… very well indeed.

The L’OR Barista device  is compatible with L’OR classic espresso capsules or most Nespresso capsules, and L’OR BARISTA® XXL capsules. The XXL capsules bringing a new dimension to coffee time, allowing you to prepare a double espresso for one or 2 espressos simultaneously. The system is easy to load, simply lift and insert either standard size capsule or an XXL capsule. Compared to some Nespresso devices, where the mechanism can be clunky and often compressing the capsule beyond use, the L’OR BARISTA nails it every time.

With an impressive 19 bars of pressure the Barista makes the perfect cup and gives you barista-quality results in the comfort of your own home. For those not in the know, bars of pressure are important, as the pressure of the water pushing through the coffee grounds helps to extract the flavour and aroma of the coffee, resulting in a rich and full-bodied espresso shot. 

The coffee machine with electric milk frother by L’OR has a water reservoir of 1.2L. One of our only gripes with the machine is that the reservoir is both on the small size (compared to the machine) and it’s rounded shape would perhaps be more in-keeping with the device if it fitted fleshly.  Compact enough for any work top, the height of the machine is 280 millimetres and it is 400 millimetres long, meaning it can nestle on your kitchen surface without dominating it completely.

The frother produces great results and is smart too. First, add the milk to the milk frothing jug, at the moment you have done this press the on-off button. The machine will immediately start frothing the hot milk. If you keep the on/off button pressed for 3 seconds, the device will start to make cold milk foam. The L’OR coffee machine with milk frother is great for making both cold and hot drinks – versatile for all year round use.

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