This summer create your own back yard drive in for around 15,000 dollars!

The days of the Fonze and old drive in moves are back. For a measley $14,995 (economy model) you can have your own 24 foot inflatable screen. The brains behind the concept is VXP, an American company who are currently selling the screens on eBay.


VXP also do a more professional 30 foot `pro` screen for those passionate about drive-ins.

Something tells me that these will be popular all over the globe, especially when you compare the price to giant LCD screens, and at least you can fold these away easily for next sumer too!

• 32 X 22 Inflatable Movie Screen Frame
• 28 X 16 VersaStretch Movie Screen

Full Screen
• 32 X 27 Inflatable Movie Screen Frame
• 28 X 21 VersaStretch Movie Screen

Features Include:
• Movie Screen is Machine Washable
• Screen is Front and Rear Projectable (Seamless Screen options Available)
• Weather resistent and breathable for higher wind tollerance

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