The DraganFlyer X6 Helicopter Camera

The ultimate boys toy has arrived – The DraganFlyer X6! This futuristic looking contraption (that kind of reminds me of the Terminator Salvation film) costs a massive £20, 000!

So all you know so far is the cost and the name, but what does it actually do? This I will explain! It is an unmanned air vehicle which can take high definition video and pictures almost anywhere. Impressive I know! This aerial photography system has a 6-rotar helicopter design, 11 sensors and steadyflight system which stabilizes during flight. This makes this remotely operated unmanned vehicle easier to fly for beginners and more manoeuvrable for the more experienced pilot.


The DraganFlyer X6 is available in many packages as the design allows for various camera attachments including video in high definition 1080p, low light, thermal infrared and 10.1 MP still pictures. All videos and pictures are instantly available via DraganEye to ensure the correct shot is achieved. Combined with the GPS position hold, dual controllers and flight stability software will help you produce the best possible picture you could hope for.

DraganFlyer X6 is available to purchase – all systems sold include the correct training. It can also be hired from Air2Air (the only UK distributor of the DraganFlyer X6) with an experienced pilot by the hour or day.

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