Things made out of gold

Gold! Always believe in your soul! Yep, these days tech isn`t worth anything unless it has been made out of, or covered in, good old atomic element number 79. Can you imagine what it would be like to have enough money to actually own a pure gold plated inkjet printer? Plus, of course, the value of it will always be equivalent to the value of gold – so it will no longer be worthless in five years time when newer and better things have came out. No longer will you have to trade in your tech at a fraction of the cost you brought it (although if you`re having to trade your tech in, then it probably isn`t wise for you to invest in any of these)


Mobiado Classic 712 GCB

Canadian company Mobiado don`t make mobile phones; they make precision mobile instruments – handcrafed. Like watches. Unlike garish looking gold-plated phones based off normal mobile phones, the Classic 712 actually looks pretty damn good as a result of being built from scratch. Gold plated with sapphire screws and buttons (and a battery cover made entirely from one piece of sapphire), it also does (thankfully) the usual things you`d expect a mobile phone to do – camera, email, browser and so on. Price? Well there isn`t one advertised anywhere, so it`s safe to assume that you`ll probably need the income of a small nation to afford it. Check out the rest of the Mobiado site while you`re there too. I particularly like the marble touchscreen phone.


Gold HP 1160 Printer

Back in 2006, just as Dubai was become the place on the word`s stage, HP announced that it has sold it`s 1,000,000th printer in the Middle East. What did they do to celebrate? They plated one of their HP1160 printers in $20,000 dollars worth of 24 carat gold and silver. Nope. I can`t see any obvious any impracticalities with it either.


Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Sundae

At the risk of sounding a bit mad, every time I see a gold bar I think that it looks good enough to eat. Seriously. It does doesn`t it? I`m not sure what it is about it (Rafa Nadal likes biting into his gold cups so I guess it isn`t that weird). Anyway, as I`m sure you probably already know gold can actually be edible (a bar can be hammered into a really, really thin sheet) and it is obviously included in this $25,000 dessert. Made from the world`s finest cocoa it also has a gold and diamond bracelet at the bottom. You eat it with a gold and sapphire encrusted spoon that you can also take home. Needless to say, it is officially the word`s most expensive dessert.


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