Luxury Cognac Deserves A Luxury Drinks Cabinet

Two names, which resonate luxury, have teamed up to showcase the most luxurious of items.

Martell have put in pride of place in the windows of Harrods the item in question.

This outsize item is made to order and is the ultimate bespoke drinks cabinet. For lovers of fine cognac this is the only way to serve. It`s a landmark piece of furniture.

Don’t think mini bar, think maxi bar.

Even in windows used to showcase the greatest and grandest of artefacts, the Martell Trunk by Pinel and Pinel stands unique and proud.


Not least because of its dimensions. Just over 2m high and 2.20m wide it is certainly a statement drinks bar. On its designer shelves are stocked no fewer than 28 rare eaux-de-vie representing fine samples from across the Martell range.

These collectors` items are alongside the trademark portfolio of Martell cognacs, including the Cordon Bleu, XO and L`Or de Jean Martell. These fine spirits represent the fruits of years of labour in the Martell cellars and generations of know how.

The same can be said of the Martell Trunk, which has been created by a team of no fewer than 10 craftsmen and a total of more than 1000 manhours. This is truly a haute couture item. The luxury is evident in the choice of materials. Full grain leather, and silver plate.

And also used are materials that echo the roots and heritage of Martell. Things like copper, which recalls the vats, and fine grain oak, which calls to mind the barrels in which fine cognac matures.

To add to the total experience connoisseurs can enjoy a cigar from the built in humidor and create the right ambience with rare scented candles. Not forgetting the Sevres crystal tulip glass form in which to taste these master cognac creations.

Additional fittings include an ice machine and an ice crusher and then, of course, a very distinguished ice bucket designed by Ercruis. And to keep things clean, tidy and pristine there are tea towels and napkins and even a line apron to protect from any nasty spills when serving.

Though described as mobile it is certainly not an item to consider transporting – lightly. But the proud owners of this bespoke drinks cabinet might be expected to have the help on hand for transport and installation.

In the window next to the Martell Trunk is a pop up Atelier Martell, which offers an invitation only `tasting experience`, which runs until October 27th 2011. Having experienced this I can confirm that it is a rather wonderful and mellow moment of conspicuous cognac consumption. The Martell ambassador takes guests on a delightful `tasting journey` if you close your eyes then you can imagine you are among the vines in France.

The pop up window means the lucky few have the chance to enjoy Martell in uptown style. As Martell Cellar Master Benoit Fil says: `The art of blending is a subtle alchemy. Composing a cognac is like telling a story or writing a poem`.

I`ll drink to that.

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