The Vader Project – 100 Unique Masks to go under the hammer

We are the Jedi Generation, The first trilogy formed the basis of my childhood. The importance, or love we have for, of these films is immeasurable. Even Now, nearly forty years after the first release, The Star Wars brand still has relevance.


The Vader project is exciting – 100 of the best underground artist and designers around today were invited to `pimp up` a blank Darth Vader mask. The results are just brilliant.

Not surprisingly, The Vader project has gone global, with all helmets on a world tour since 2007. The collection even had a residency at the Andy Warhol museum.

Now these Iconic, unique and, in my eyes, beautiful masks are to be auctioned (ok, the mask above may not actually be beautiful!). July 10th at the Freemans Auction House in Philadelphia, The Vader project will be sold off individually, with prices said to be starting at around $1,500.

You also have the opportunity to bid online at The chance to purchase one (or more!) of these astounding works of art cannot be missed.
You can also purchase the ultimate coffee table book, with the Vader project limited edition catalogue. Over 200 pages, featuring all the Vader Project masks in full colour. Possibly nearly as collectable as the masks themselves. Order from


This kind of historical memorabilia is not available to purchase often. Be proud of yourself when you snap up an exceptional objet d’art. Good old Darth….part of the family, really.

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