Beckham’s $50,000 Luxury Bed

I guess, considering you spend a good portion of your life in bed – it should be as good as you can afford. Certainly, I can vouch for what a poorly designed bed can do for your back! Hence my regular visits to the osteopath…


That’s why when I recently gave some consideration to a new bed, the Monarch Vi-Spring loomed large on my radar. This recently launched model, which is on sale exclusively at Harrods, retails for £24,275 ($50,000 approx). But, for that you get a six foot double bed, crafted from the finest natural materials. Fit for a king! Or according to Vi-Spring, fit for Mr and Mrs Beckham!


Vi Spring say about the Monarch:-

“Known to those who sleep in them as truly life changing beds, Vi-Spring was the very first bedmaker to introduce the pocket sprung mattress in 1901. Its beds continue to grace some of the finest hotels and homes in the world today, each one tailor made to order in Devon using the highest quality natural materials and exclusive Belgian fabrics.”

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