Is this the Most Luxurious Cell Phone Ever

The Vertu has been around for some time now and whilst still considered the cell phone of choice for the rich and famous, it really doesn’t seem to have any mesmerising features that live up to the hefty price tag.


What you are largely paying for is the fashion accessory side of the phone which can incorporate platinum, or saphire fascias. Nonetheless, there is some nice functionality to consider:

1. Vertu a subsidiary of Nokia say that the guts of the phone are of the highest quality.

2. The phone is upgradeable so that users can keep up to date with the latest technology.

3. The handsets have a special key to connect the user to a “concierge service” for booking theatre tickets and for satisfying other demands.

There is also a distinct possibility that these phones will become a modern day antique given time. So you might eventually see a return on that weighty investment.

I still have to ask myself whether a Vertu is worth the £3,700 ($5,600) – £15,000 ($24,000)? Probably not, but they are unquestionably luxurious.

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