The Worlds Largest Pearl

Last week, I reported on the World`s most expensive diamond, The Graff Pink, which sold for a staggering £29 million for the flawless 24.78 carat rare pink diamond.

So, this week, How about the World`s biggest Pearl?!


The huge pearl stands over 5 feet tall and weighs 6 tonnes. The huge pearl has a huge price tag too, £88 million.

I wonder if Mr Graff (The buyer of the Diamond) is reading?

The Pearl was unearthed from the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia and is now being displayed in Hainan, southern China.

It has taken 3 years of industrial grinding and fine polishing to get the Pearl up to its natural beauty.

This unusual gem is formed mainly of a fluorite mineral. This means it has fluorescent properties, which makes this more desirable – A gem with this much Fluorite is considered a `Wish Fulfilling Jewel` or `Chintamani` in the Buddhist religion.

It also has a nice glow!

The show in Hainan has already attracted huge interest, and I don`t doubt that this Great Ball Of China is going to be hard to sell.

A show organiser remarked `These pearls are very sought after in China, especially when they are this size`.

Official, Size really does matter!

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