The Best Luxury Decor from Maps International

When decorating our dining room we set out with the objective to create a space that was both beautiful and grown up. We decided that to achieve this we would decorate the room with Map Wallpaper.

Yes, Map Wallpaper! Like many we had seen map wallpaper before and those versions were either suited to a child`s bedroom or a study. Maps International an online resource for pretty much everything to do with maps provide an amazing range of the best luxury decor in the form of map wallpaper which caters for most room sizes and colour schemes.


We decided to purchase the Neutral Version of map wallpaper as it looked just perfect from the website photos. The website photos show map wallpaper products in some ideal looking settings from a grand designs style dining area to some modest looking bedroom scenes. Our dining room could never match the one in the photo but it gave us something to aspire to.

When the wallpaper arrived we quickly set about hanging it. I would describe myself as a novice decorator so was very happy to discover how easy the paper was to hang. The map wallpaper is pre-pasted so there was no messing about with paste or extra adhesive. A really helpful aspect of the paper is that it comes with a border or bleed. This allowed us to cut the paper to the dimensions of our wall. The photos on the Maps International website shows the paper hung with the border which I think looks just as good but our wall dimensions aren`t as big.


After our work was done, I think we stared at the wall in question all evening admiring the fruits of our labour. To say I am impressed with this map wallpaper is a serious understatement.

Our dining area now looks absolutely spectacular!

We could have used the wall space to hang a few pictures or mirrors but instead we have created something far more special, we now have the best luxury decor available! What I did not expect from this map wallpaper, was for it to be so engaging. By its beautiful and elegant design you are drawn in to reveal the secret treasure that is seen in the detail. The colours are subtle but brilliant and show every country of the world.

Quite simply, when anyone walks into the room in never ceases to amaze and is truly stunning and most importantly worth every penny. The wall has become a real reference point for us now from reminiscing about past travels to arguments about geography.

If you are considering buying one don’t hesitate as this was a really affordable purchase which we believe has added such value.

You can purchase the map wallpaper here.

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