The inaugural St Pancras Editions `Jean Harlow 2011`

The wonderful St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London has always been a keen supporter of the art world, but recent developments sees this support go further.

Harry Handelsman (CEO of Manhattan Loft Corporation) and Thang Vo-Ta have launched St Pancras Editions, showcasing limited edition artworks including silkscreen prints, sculptures and photographs working closely with contemporary masters and the best emerging talent, which are available for sale and on show at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.


The inaugural St Pancras Editions `Jean Harlow 2011` was famous 60s pop artist Gerald Laing`s final ever work. In 1964 as commissioned by Robert Indiana, the original Hollywood starlet became the subject for Gerald Laing; it was here that the iconic `Jean Harlow` artwork was born.

Exclusive to St Pancras Editions, this original silkscreen print allures beautifully to 60`s Hollywood glamour and sophistication.

No expense was spared in creating this luxurious artwork, the highest quality materials were used, including real Italian platinum leaf and silver-dollar foil.

Co-founders Harry Handelsman and Thang Vo-Ta have committed to choosing artworks which they believe will have an evergreen appeal, each with its own unique story.

Speaking of the `Jean Harlow 2011`, Thang Vo-Ta says; “It was a true honour to have had the opportunity to work with the 60s Pop Art pioneer Gerald Laing on creating this print, which we believe will have an evergreen appeal through its glamorous and sophisticated depiction of the legendary Hollywood icon Jean Harlow`.

The print is limited to only 200 and individually numbered. These editions will become lasting legacies for generations of art enthusiasts; celebrity collectors include Sadie Frost and Grace Woodward.

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