Apsleys – The best fine dining experience in London

Apsleys, a Heinz Beck restaurant, is located within the Lanesborough hotel on Hyde Park Corner. The restaurant is stunning with an art deco Venetian flavour, The service and food are equally stunning.

I am not going to mess around here. This was a superior fine dining experience in London, the best I have experienced yet and quite possibly will remain the best for all time.

You could say I enjoyed it.

Heros De Agostinis & Heinz Beck

Under the direction of the three Michelin-starred German chef Heinz Beck, executive chef Heros De Agostinis has created a wonderful menu of Italian influence.

Truly deserving of its Michelin star, the menu is tempting enough to really make you think hard about what to have. The dishes did not disappoint, each and every course was absolutely perfect.

The ambiance is relaxed, welcoming and comfortable. With tables on raised levels, the dining room is broken up into different spaces, providing a little intimacy, but giving enough of an aspect to view the restaurant in action.

This was one of the things I LOVED about Apsleys. The service is like nothing I have witnessed before. The staff work with such synergy, it is almost like watching a ballet performance unfold in front of you. All the waiters were exceptionally professional and lived up to the expectations of such a location.

My Fiancee and I visited for lunch and were thoroughly spoilt. The Sommelier expertly paired the most brilliant wines with each course. For any budding Sommeliers out there, a trip to Apsleys is a must to see how it should be done. Passion, attentiveness and knowledge in abundance.


Our Lunch started with a glass of Champagne – Gosset Rose’ Brut Gran Reserve (why not?) before an interesting Amuse bouche – seabass with a mango dressing.

For starters, I opted for the Veal terrine `Romana` style paired with a pleasant Chardonnay (Planeta IGT 2009). My Fiancee had the smoked capon ravioli, mashed pumpkin and reggiano parmesan cream which was delightful.

Main Course was truly special and I urge you to order this! Wild duck, woods mushrooms and parsley cream for two people. Served 2 ways, beginning with the breast (cut in front of us expertly) with a honey and mustard sauce. Once that was seen to the waiters brought out a second Duck dish (which was a pleasant unexpected surprise), the leg and thigh de-boned and served with a consommé.

The Sommelier served a brilliant red (Orna IGT 2008) with the Duck which only improved the meal. If I was a condemned man and was asked to name my last meal, it would be this.

We were then treated to a strawberry sorbet with a basil sauce to cleanse the palate.

Pudding didn`t disappoint either. We both opted for the intriguing `Milk!`, which was served 5 ways. I could list exactly how the desert came, but I do not want to ruin it for you

The Sommelier did his usual and expertly paired a fantastic dessert wine – 1999 Cháteau d`Yquem, 1 Premier Cru Supérieur.

At this point, we were both pinching each other. It just doesn`t get better than the meal we had just been served. In a dream like stance, we finished off with coffee in the bar area in front of an open fire.

The whole experience was one that will never be forgotten, it will always be spoken about and cherished. Special credit has to go to the whole team, from exec chef Heros De Agostinis, head Sommelier Bucci Enrico and the waiting staff Julien and Angelo, headed up by Gilles Louis – all exceptional in their own fields.

If you are looking for a superior fine dining experience in London, there is only one destination in my mind. The wonderful Apsleys was faultless and will impress the harshest food critic.

To give the whole meal 10/10 seems an injustice, it was far better than that!

During the meal, the staff were perplexed as to why it was only me that was enjoying the wine. I explained that my fiancée was pregnant. Look what they brought out to her in the bar afterwards, this is a higher level of personable service and made an outstanding dining experience that little bit greater (note the looks of total content from both of us!)


Right now, it is truffle season and Heinz Beck always heavily features truffles on the menu at Apsleys. In 2008, Heinz was awarded the title of “Ambassador of white truffles of Alba” in the 10th White Truffle World Auction of Alba and this helps him source the best and he gets first pick from his suppliers.

Just another reason to sample the delights of Apsleys. Like you needed one!

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