New Exclusive Interview With Bollywood Filmstar Hrithik Roshan

Lussorian scooped a New Hrithik Roshan interview. Hrithik discusses with us his co stars, Bollywood, his looks, future projects and much more. This new Hrithik Roshan interview is both revealing and entertaining. Enjoy our chat to arguably Bollywood’s biggest film star, the truly Iconic Hrithik Roshan.


Hindi cinema, Bollywood, is becoming an international phenomenon. You must be proud of your achievements as well as the industry as a whole. Can you sum up what is Bollywood?

I am indeed proud. Gosh – how does one sum up Bollywood in a few sentences? I guess it`s a genre of cinema that gives hope, allows one to dream, and often inspires.

But Hindi cinema has evolved to a huge extent over recent years, as a result of India`s changing socio-economic landscape. It`s not just about the hero fighting off an army of villains, saving his damsel and squeezing in a few song and dance routines in between.

With the emerging middle class has come a demand for cinema that pushes the boundaries and audiences are much more receptive to cinema that more closely imitates real life. Consequently, very real issues are being explored in our films and no longer would you automatically link boundary-pushing films with independent, or `arthouse`, Indian cinema.

Let`s go back to your achievements. The list of awards and nominations is staggering! What are you most proud of?

I think it has to be unveiling my wax figure at Madame Tussaud`s London. Standing, figuratively speaking (excuse the pun), next to some of the world`s most influential and respected personalities was just overwhelming. It felt as though I`d reached this milestone point in my life. It felt like all of the hard work and struggle had reached fruition and that I must be doing something right. Truly an amazing feeling which is so hard to define in words.

What about Hollywood? Plenty of rumours, but is there anything in the pipeline? Is this a direction you would like to pursue?

Absolutely. It all depends on the project. I`m in talks with various people at the moment, and have been for a while. Don`t get me wrong – I`m extremely happy working within the Indian film industry, but I`m always up for trying something new. Again, it depends on the project. I don`t want to give anything away just yet, but watch this space.

You have just been voted `Sexiest Indian` by the luxury glossy Marie Claire magazine, any comments?!

You know, it actually makes me blush somewhat, as I don`t perceive myself in terms of physical attributes or looks. Any sort of `title` or recognition is always flattering but in honesty, it means far more to be recognised for my work or character.

`Kites` was awesome. Did you do your own stunts?

Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I did my own stunts in the film. I get a huge adrenaline rush from doing so – it`s all part of the challenge and I like to push my boundaries on every level, with the projects that I sign. Following `Kites` I played a paraplegic in a film called `Guzaarish`. I was so drawn to the role, which allowed my to explore the experience of disability.

You have worked with some high profile co stars. Who was your favourite? Why?

You know, it`s been a pleasure working with them all – they`re all equally special and talented artists in their own ways. I have to admit Aishwaraya Rai Bachchan is a favourite – a screen icon for all of the right reasons. Immensely talented and a beautiful human being. She and her husband, Abhishek, are dear friends of mine.

Going back to your `Sexiest Indian` tag, you are pretty buff! How do you stay in such great shape?

Gosh, I`m blushing again. I work out a lot and have a strict diet and exercise regime that I follow religiously. That said, the role for which I am currently filming has demanded that I put on weight, so it means I`ve been able to indulge in things that are normally on my NOT ALLOWED list.

And, Your hair – amazing! Any tips?

Trust me, I am prone to the odd bad hair day. An amazing hair stylist who can work wonders certainly helps!

Your looks are important, they have to be in your industry. What`s your daily routine?

You know, I`m not one of those people who obsesses over my looks or spends time smiling smugly to myself in the mirror. I do try to look after myself in terms of healthy living, but things like daily routines I leave to my extremely accomplished make-up artist.

You are intense on the big screen. What kind of preparation for roles do you do? Are you a De Niro method actor type? How do you get into a character?

Yes, I`m a method actor. I shut myself off from everyone and everything and really try to get into my character, with a lot of focus, concentration and visualisation. I go into a zone and completely step into the character. It`s an extremely intense process and I carry the character round with me throughout – living, eating and breathing everything about it. Not a great time for my wife and family!

During your career as a high profile actor, you have had the chance to stay in some impressive locations. Where have been highlights for you?

Oh gosh, it`s extremely difficult to pinpoint specifc highlights because, as you say, I have filmed in and visited so many impressive locations across the globe. I`m actually a huge fan of UK – the architecture and the juxtaposition of the classic with the contemporary (I feel it works so well, especially in the City), the English countryside, the food, the people… But again, I`m a big fan of many parts of the world for different reasons (others for their breathtaking beaches, landscapes and natural beauty, etc). Having said that, nothing beats the comfort and the connection I share with my home country.

We know the man on the screen, but who really is Hrithik Roshan?

He`s a very sensitive, grounded and spiritual guy, although my wife may beg to differ! Only kidding! You know, I`m actually a pretty normal guy – I have the same spectrum of emotions, feelings and thoughts as the next man. In fact, I`m probably even more sensitive. I`ve had the advantage of being born into an extremely loving, supportive and amazing family. Even though family members on both my parents` sides are from the film fraternity, including my dad, my paternal uncle and my maternal grandfather, I was instilled with very humble values. I have been so lucky to be a part of a family that loves and supports me unconditionally and it`s those core family values that are such a fundamental part of the `real` Hrithik Roshan`s make-up.


What`s next for Hrithik Roshan?

Well my next film release, `Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara`, is set for release this summer. I`m currently also involved in intense filming for a project called `Agneepath` – it`s a remake of a classic film that starred an all-time legend of our cinema – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan – so there is alot for me to live up to in this film. I am extremely conscious that I do justice and pay full honour to one of Indian cinema`s most notable characters – the character of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan which was originally essayed by Mr, Bachchan. I am also currently filming for my small screen debut – it`s a fantastic reality dance show called, `Just Dance`.

Lussorian’s verdict? Expect even bigger things to come for Hrithik, It’s refreshing to see he is still an engaging, genuine and decent fellow considering his international success and recognition.

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