Luxury High End Wood PC

Who says tech has to come all shiny and modern, wrapped in a hard plastic sleeve? Certainly not Jeffrey Stephenson, who has created a wonderful luxury high end wood pc.

The Aerodyne wood pc is billed as a `fanless mini-ITX case design made from mahogany with aluminum accents`.


I would just call it gorgeous – want one… Now!

This is not the first PC case mod from Stephenson, but this Art Deco wood pc is top of the list for me, a functional, sleek looking PC tower built from aluminum plating combined with a sturdy mahogany finish,

Stephenson wanted to build a compact wood PC case and the Aerodyne is fan-less, with the exception of the CPU fan on the motherboard.


What makes this wood pc more desirable is it`s limited in it`s production. Exclusivity is always good. Jeffrey Stephenson is considering building a small run (5-10) of this design. If interested, please contact him at jeffrey at

You can see the Aerodyne`s full specs at as well as the complete design and build process. If this wood pc is your kind of thing, you should check out Stephenson`s other creations – but make sure you have a bit of time on your hands!

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