NeoGlis Primavera Cream

Luxury beauty line NeoGlis has just launched in the UK and one of their amazing products is an anti-cellulite cream with Lipo-Activator effect called Primavera. At £300 a tub the body cream is said to tone, model, regenerate and moisturize your skin all at once! It enhances the skins elasticity, tone and hydration which results in it looking healthier.

Independent tests show that after one month of treatment with this cream, skin results are 13% more toned, 18.5% firmer, 40% more compact and there was a 55% increase in vitality. So why not give it a go ladies? Just apply a sufficient amount of Primavera 1-2 times a day and massage into the skin until completely absorbed. You could be amazed and surprised by the outcome!


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