Kirin Ichiban – Supreme Japanese Lager

Maybe you wouldn`t think that there is a place for beer in Lussorian’s pages, but I have to make an exception for a most remarkable brew. Kirin Ichiban is made by the unique “Ichiban Shibori Process”, which is the simple reason it stands out from the crowd in the beer world.


Ichiban Shibori, or ‘First Press’, is the unique, uncompromising process by which this legendary Japanese beer is made from a single first pressing of the finest ingredients giving you the purest beer every time.

Other beers, brewed by less exacting methods, are pressed and repressed. Kirin Ichiban is crisper, richer and purer – because it is pressed once using only the sweet liquid from a single pressing of the finest ingredients, which contains less bitter-tasting tannins.

If you consider the similarities with this process and that of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – compared to a standard Olive Oil, you may come close to understanding why this is such a superior lager.

With its mild, pure and well balanced taste, Kirin will always go down well with Japanese food like sushi, sashimi and tempura. It is also the perfect combination with all kinds of Oriental and European food, truly a cosmopolitan taste.

The secret is serving it cold, my preference would be in a Ç?¶« pint glass. I said serve cold, I meant it – really cold. What you get is the cleanest, freshest lager you have tasted. Because of it`s purity, it also seems to cleanse the palate. This is like a fabulous lager sorbet!

It is ridiculously (dangerously?!) easy to drink. The light, mild flavours make this a perfectly refreshing summer lager. It caused a sensational boom when launched in Japan in 1990 and is still one of the best selling Japanese beer brands.

Kirin Ichiban can be ordered from with a welcome rrp of £1.39 per bottle or £32.36 for case of 24 bottles (330ml). Or Kirin Ichiban can be bought in your local Slug & Lettuce or Wagamama restaurants, plus lots of other high end bars nationwide.
Please always enjoy alcohol responsibly.

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