Gaucho Manchester, Reviewed

A central Manchester restaurant with oodles of style, panache and class. Both the Argentinian cuisine and the stunning setting makes for a memorable meal.

We have been lucky enough to try a few of the locations in the Gaucho catalogue; however, this stunning location in the heart of Manchester is certainly right up there. Believe it or not, this particular Gaucho used to be a Methodist church – you can even see hints of the old organ still in existence.

Today, Gaucho Manchester is a multi-level restaurant with a separate cocktail bar. The location successfully combines traditional touches such as the Art Deco glass panelled ceiling and a sparkling chandelier, with the typical modern flair this restaurant chain has become known for. The result is a stunning and beautiful space. Thanks to the high ceilings and open kitchen, there is also true sense of space and freedom you don’t get in many other of the surrounding restaurants.

Great first impressions! 

Starting the way we mean to go on

When it came to embarking on my meal at Gaucho Manchester we felt the need to dive into the beef dishes straightaway. The menu is comprised of a selection of classic Argentinian cuts, Argentinian street food with a high-end twist and a selection of wines from the  region. Kicking off our meal, my partner selected braised beef back ribs glazed in hoisin and chilli orange sauce with sesame seeds, fresh orange and pickled chillies The chilli orange sauce cut through the sweetness of the hoisin neatly balancing each mouthful. Plus, thanks to the chillies, there was a hint of heat there too.

The lomo (fillet) carpaccio was a great dish and light enough to leave plenty of room for steak! The carpaccio of marinated tenderloin was accompanied by provolone and baby kale. Then pine nuts and pumpkin seeds to add an extra element of texture. Fresh, flavoursome and simple. Delicious.

Show stopping steaks all round

Opting for the Gaucho specialty Tira De Ancho (below) at 500g and at a cost of just over £40, I was expecting big things and boy did it deliver.  A spiral cut rib eye, this steak was then slow cooked to perfection.  This was the highlight of the meal. Superbly tender, packed full of flavour and finished with chimichurri for that extra dimension. We would recommend this to any steak lover as one of the best cuts out there.

Credit: David Griffen Photography

A close second to the Tira De Ancho was the Churrasco de lomo, a spiral cut fillet marinated in garlic, parsley and olive oil. Once again, unbelievably tender and it just melted in the mouth. Each cut we tried showed true finesse and style, yet Gaucho have a knack of extra each and every flavour from the steak for the ultimate experience.

Credit: David Griffen Photography

Gaucho’s wine list is comprised of Argentinian offerings predominantly, plus they have an impressive selection of fine wines for the true wine buff. A bottle of their own Vina Patricia Mendoza Malbec was our tipple of choice. Heralding from the restaurant’s very own 80-year-old vineyards, this was the ideal partner for steak.  We were also treated to a whole roasted cauliflower cheese with a sumptuous parmesan cream. Gaucho have done a great job of elevating the humble cauliflower into a must try side – gorgeous.

Hitting the sweet spot

To end what was a great experience, the Mango Mess from the dessert menu simply leapt up at me. A take on the Eton mess, the mango worked wonderfully with cream and passion fruit to form a refreshing finish. A great way to indulge and yet clean the palate.

Every Gaucho seems to have a style and elegance throughout, but Manchester seems to have a great combination of the old (thanks to the Methodist Church setting) and the modern. It’s also a pleasure to see fabulous consistency through each dish and a super high level of dining on offer. We are already looking forward to revisiting Gaucho Manchester.

Find out more about Gaucho here.

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